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A Dirty Deed Ted Stenhouse

A Dirty Deed

Ted Stenhouse

Published February 1st 2003
ISBN : 9781553373612
192 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

In this novel by Ted Stenhouse we return to the community of Grayson first introduced in Across the Steel River. Its 1952 and in this small prairie town not too many white kids have an Indian for their best friend. Will tries not to care what the townsfolk think. No matter what anyone says, Arthurs been like a brother to him. So when they witness a young Indian being hunted down like an animal by Old Man Howe, the towns richest man, they set out to find the facts -- only to uncover dirty dealings that hide generations of disgrace in the Howe family. As a story of deception and cruelty unfolds, Will discovers that everyone has something to be ashamed of -- and that no amount of money or power is enough to ease that shame.