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A Trip Into the Supernatural Roger J. Morneau

A Trip Into the Supernatural

Roger J. Morneau

125 pages
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 About the Book 

Review: In a trip into the Supernatural Roger Moreau tells the story in narrative/first person form- of his journey from worshiping spirits to becoming a Seventh-Day Adventist. The back of the book was misleading in that it portrayed that the book would have more scenes like that in it, when really the book was like a bible study for Adventist beliefs, which is fine, but just be aware of this before buying or reading this book.Roger Moreau talked about himself in a very relatable way however the other characters/people seemed flat, descriptions of them very nominal. In addition when any important event happened I did not feel like I was there right along with the characters/ and or people. Everything just felt very vague.If you are looking for what Seventh-Day Adventists believe and almost a bible study this is the book for you. If your just looking for a story then I would not recommend this book.